Health and Wellness Consultations with Chris Masterjohn, PhD

If you would like to work directly with me so I can help you figure out ways to improve your health and wellness, this is where you get started.

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I will be your data analyst, your consultant, and your strategist. I am not a health care provider or a coach.

I have a PhD in Nutritional Sciences, and I love teaching, helping, and empowering people. Here’s what I can do and would love to do for you:

  • Help you develop actionable priorities and an overall strategy for improving your health.
  • Discuss your experiences with you and suggest useful tests that you could ask your doctor about.
  • Analyze the results of genetic tests, digital food logs, and nutrient and blood measurements for markers of health and nutritional status. I can then use these analyses to suggest practical strategies that you could implement with proper supervision of a health care professional.

I am not a medical doctor or a health care practitioner, so here’s what I can’t do and what I can do instead:


  • What I can do instead: suggest tests that your doctor can order and companies that will provide physician authorization signatures themselves.


  • What I can do instead: discuss, in an educational nature, the possible ways to look for diseases.


  • What I can do instead: discuss, in an educational nature, the possible ways to prevent, mitigate, or treat a disease.


  • I will provide you with a receipt for your payment, but these consultations are not therapeutic in nature and your health insurance will not cover them.

I am passionate about helping you in the best way possible, so here’s what I won’t do and what I will do instead:

won’t analyze your whole genome and give you a list of supplements to take or design your whole diet around your genome. Why? Because I don’t believe that this works, and I will only help you in ways I believe are truly effective.

  • What I will do instead: look at specific genes when we have good reason to believe looking at them would help you meet your health goals. When used in a targeted way as part of the bigger picture, this can be very useful.

won’t sell you supplements or give you advice that directly earns me a commission.

  • What I will do instead: discuss supplements and dietary approaches that might be useful, and help you decide what would be the most cost-effective options to meet your goals.

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How It Works

Consultations take place on your choice of phone or Skype. If you want me to, I will record the call and share the recording with you for your records. If you have data that you would like me to analyze before the call, you purchase a data analysis add-on; otherwise, you can ask me to look at your data as part of the call. If you are confident you will use my services more than once and wish to save money, you can purchase a package.

Schedule a Consult or Purchase a Package

What It Costs

Each one-hour session costs $450. If you would like to assign me data to review before the call, this is billed as an additional service. Review of several pages of isolated labs counts as an additional 20-minute session, and review of one or more full panels (such as a Genova ION panel), or review of labs in situations where you have unusual difficult-to-solve issues that you want me to spend time thinking about, counts as a full session.

Save Money and Reserve Limited Spots by Buying a Package

I am best able to help most of my clients when they schedule appointments three or four months apart. This allows us to develop a strategy, follow through on an actionable plan, generate new data from labs or from personal experience, and then discuss the results and revise the action plan at the next appointment.  

If you are confident that you will use my services in this way, or at least that you will use my services on more than one occasion, you can save money and reserve the spots you need by buying a package.  

There are two package options. The standard package costs $999.99 and saves $200, while the premium package costs $1499.99 and saves $300. The packages allow you to mix-and-match services that amount to a specific dollar value. For example, the $1499.99 package allows you to mix-and-match any $1800 of value. Similarly, the $999.99 package allows you to mix-and-match any $1200 of value in whatever combination you want.

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Schedule a Consult or Purchase a Package

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Do I have to schedule my sessions now, or can I schedule my sessions later?

When you purchase a single session, you have to schedule it immediately upon buying it. When you purchase a package, you purchase a specific amount of value that you can then use to schedule appointments at any time in the future. 

  • What if my schedule changes?

Once you schedule your appointment, you will receive a view/change appointment link that is unique to you in the booking confirmation, both on the web page and in an email. If you accept the calendar invites, the view/change appointment link will also be present in your digital calendar event. You can use this link at any time up to three weeks before your appointment to reschedule, with no penalty. To reschedule within three weeks of your appointment, you will need to reschedule by email and pay a $100 rescheduling fee.

  • If I buy a package, do I have to use my sessions within a specific time limit?

To make sure these terms and prices stick, you need to use up your appointments by the close of 2021. If you have credits remaining, we will negotiate together what to do with them.

  • What if my data analysis request takes less than 20 minutes or more than an hour?

When adding a data analysis add-on, you will see them described in terms of the time they would take. This is just an approximation. I do not prorate unused time, and I do not bill you extra if it goes a little over. If I determine that I will use a grossly different amount of time to analyze your data than you had approximated, or if your data would require substantially more than an hour to analyze, I will discuss it with you directly and we will negotiate how I should prioritize my analysis to make the price we agreed on work, or negotiate a different price for me to do what you are asking.

  • Do I need to create an account?

I strongly recommend that when you finish booking, before closing your browser, you click on "Register for an Account" under "Save Your Information" on the right-hand side of the screen and create a password. This will ensure that you only have to fill in your information once, and it will make scheduling and rescheduling a lot easier since the system will remember who you are and what you have purchased and scheduled.

  • Do I need to add the event to my calendar?

When you finish booking, before closing your browser, near the "Register for an Account" section you will see a button to add the event to your calendar. I recommend you do this because it makes it so your view/change appointment link is always easily accessible in the calendar event. If you closed your browser, you will have another opportunity to add the event to your calendar using the links in the email confirmation.

  • How do I schedule the sessions in my package?

Once you purchase a package, you can go back to the original booking page, or to to redeem your package. To do so, click on "Redeem Package" and enter the email address you booked with, click "Apply," and then proceed to schedule your appointments. 

  • Do you offer email support?

I do my best to respond to emails that consist of brief clarifications, answers to quick questions, or brief discussions of priorities for how to use future sessions within a one-week time frame. A longer email describing your situation or data could be used as part of a data analysis add-on. I am sometimes away from email for defined periods of time longer than a week: for example, I will not be responding to emails during the first week of August, 2019. I do not offer frequent email check-ins between appointments or answers to questions that require careful consideration of your case between sessions.  

  • Can you provide a family plan?

Absolutely! Although I don’t offer any special pricing for family plans, you can use either of the packages as a family plan. Simply explain in the questionnaire that there are multiple family members who will use the service, who they are, and answer the questions for each family member.

  • Can we discuss diseases if we reframe our language in terms of physiological conditions?

We can discuss diseases and we don’t need to avoid mentioning the word disease or the names of specific diseases. We need to agree clearly that I am not offering diagnosis, treatment, or treatment advice. However, I can provide you with an education about what I believe are the causes, ways to look for, and ways to prevent or treat diseases, and I can recommend you discuss specific possibilities with your doctor.  

  • Can you suggest specific providers for specific lab tests?

I can suggest labs during an appointment that you can ask your doctor about in the future. For a comprehensive list of labs I recommend related to testing vitamin, mineral, and essential fatty acid status, see Testing Nutritional Status: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

  • Can you analyze tests of gut function and sex or stress hormones?

I am familiar with these tests but I would not place them within my current primary areas of expertise. I may be able to provide valuable insights but I would not schedule an appointment with me if these are the only things you wish to discuss.

  • Can I ask you for career advice?

Sure! As long as we agree that I am not liable for the consequences of your career choices, and as long as you recognize that I am not an expert in career counseling, I’m happy to talk to you about career choices for as long as you want.