A buyer's club with exclusive and massive discounts on your favorite premium foods and health products, including pasture-raised and wild meat and seafood, supplements, sleep accessories, water filters, phototherapy devices, and much more, with three amazing bonuses that bring you special access to me and my content added in. 

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Here's what you get!

This is a buyers club with exclusive discounts on all of my products and services and crazy rebates on the products other company's offer that I find most valuable. You save huge on my consultations, the pre-orders of my book, and my guide the managing nutritional status. I will give you my commission in full to bring you crazy rebates on Kettle and Fire bone broth, White Oak Pastures meats, North Star Bison meats, US Wellness meats, Vital Choice seafood, supplements from Marine Health Foods (makers of OysterMax), Ancestral and Seeking Health, Blublox sleep accessories, Abby's low-carb elderberry syrup, and the amazing chililPAD and OOLER. Take full advantage of these, and you can save many times the membership fee! Plus, get a lot of bonuses below!


Monthly access to live Zoom sessions where you can ask me anything. Occasionally, I have guest experts where you can ask *us* anything!


Access to Vitamins and Minerals 101 Premium, which includes a dynamic private Facebook group that I participate in five days a week.


Transcripts, ad-free versions, and early access to all my audio-video content.

Exclusive, Massive Discounts

Here are more details on the crazy discounts! 

You get huge discounts on all my products and services, including $50 off each consultation you book with me, 30-50% off the Vitamins and Minerals 101 book pre-order, and 50% off Testing Nutritional Status: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet.

I also give you back all my commissions on any products I promote as an affiliate. This allows me to offer you typical discounts you'd find online and then offer you an additional rebate over and above that. 


Live Q&A Sessions

We use Zoom, a video chatting software, in webinar mode. You can ask your question anonymously in text, but you can also ask it publicly, and you can even get "on stage" and share your mic, web cam, or screen with everyone.

As a Masterpass holder, you'll get immediate access to the replay whether you had a seat in the session or not.

Eventually these get published as an episode of Mastering Nutrition, and then each question where I feel I had a good answer gets turned into an episode of The Masterjohn Q&A Files.  So you can get a little mini-famous 🌟in these. 🀩
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Vitamins and Minerals 101 Premium

Right now I am very narrowly focusing on completing Vitamins and Minerals 101.

This is a 30-day course designed to bring someone from "beginner" to "intermediate" level in learning about vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Although it's free of technical jargon and thousands of beginners are loving it, many scientists, clinicians, dietitians, and other health professionals are finding each lesson to be a great refresher and to always have at least one hidden gem that they didn't know about, often something game-changing for their practice.


Private Facebook Group

The Vitamins and Minerals 101 Premium access includes a private Facebook group where there is a discussion forum for each lesson. In other words, one forum for each essential vitamin, mineral, and fatty acid.

I participate once a day, Monday through Friday, except during select holidays, business trips, and vacations. I do reserve the right to hire people to take on the duty of participation in my place if and when the group reaches a certain size but I have no plans to do that any time soon.

Transcripts, Early Access to
Ad-Free Audio-Video Content

This includes premium features on my videos and podcasts, including Chris Masterjohn Lite (short, practical tips), Mastering Nutrition (long, in-depth podcasts on a specific topic), or Masterclass With Masterjohn (nutritional biochemistry courses with lessons arranged in series) that help you get my content faster and get more out of it.

Here's what you get as premium features:

βœ… Early access to content: you get episodes as soon as they are produced, usually weeks and sometimes months before they are released to the public.

βœ… No ads standing in the way between you and my content.

βœ… Transcripts! These are great if you like to read, or if you want to be more productive. For example, I would first listen to the episodes while I'm doing something else to scan for familiarity, then I'd go back later and keyword search the transcripts for the things I found most interesting so I could follow them up by taking notes or reviewing them in more detail.

βœ… Specifically in Masterclass With Masterjohn, you get additional learning tools, such as videos you can keyword search (you literally type in a word and hit "enter" to watch it skip to each instance where I use that word) or put on a customized loop (with three clicks you start and end the loop wherever you want and it plays that section over and over again until you stop it). You also get transcripts with the slides, references, and further reading materials embedded exactly where they are relevant. Even the scientific papers are mostly one click to open up the full text.

Currently, I am waiting to produce new episodes until I finish Vitamins and Minerals 101, but you already get transcripts and these other premium features on 69 episodes of Mastering Nutrition, 153 episodes of Chris Masterjohn Lite, 14 lessons of a Masterclass With Masterjohn (MWM) on The Antioxidant System, and 39 lessons of an MWM on Energy Metabolism.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Masterpass costs $15 a month, or $120 per year. If you pay the $120 for the year upfront, it winds up costing you only $10 per month, which saves one-third of the monthly membership fee.

Cancel Easily at Any Time, No Questions Asked

Canceling takes less than 30 seconds, and can be done at any time with four clicks. You just click your profile icon, click billing, click "cancel your subscription," and then click one more time to confirm.

You don't need to email us. You don't need to call us. You don't need to spend minutes figuring out how to cancel. We never want you to go, but we want to keep you here by delivering incredible value, not by making it hard to cancel.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you can show you made a good faith attempt to use the rebate program and that you couldn't save more in a month than your membership payment, you can request a refund of your last payment as long as it is within 30 days of making that payment. As long as you made one purchase of a product or service in the rebate program and requested the rebate from us within seven days of the purchase, and as long as your savings are below the monthly cost of membership, we will honor the refund instead of issuing you the rebate. 

In other words, if you sign up for a monthly plan, you can at any month of the program forward us the rebates you requested within that month, show us that you saved less than the membership fee, cancel your membership with the click of a few buttons, and get a refund for that month's payment. If you sign up for the yearly plan, you can do the same thing, but you have to do it within 30 days of making your yearly payment, and show that your savings were less than one twelfth of the yearly membership fee. If you cancel your membership and request a refund in that timeframe, we will refund your yearly payment in full.

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